The foundation of any organisation´s success lies in its levels of employee engagement. Whilst skill sets and qualifications undoubtedly play a role, the degree with which people identify with their role in the workplace cannot be ignored. Employees who feel good about what they do and ARE committed to a cause have higher levels of performance and are also unlikely to resign.

Having key leadership positions filled with talent is pivotal in realising organisational success. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true: poor leadership can adversely affect employee engagement very significantly.

We have tools on offer to help you find the people you need


 Assessment Centre

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Finding the right people for your organisation
6 Eyes Interview

  • 2 consultants hold discussions with your management
  • Determine potential with regard to leadership, personality, relationships and change
  • Results are used to plan placement and career development opportunities
Development Centre

  • What are your peoples´ development needs?
  • Who has management potential?
  • Are they optimally placed in the organisation?
Assess your readiness for change

  • Assess your readiness for change
  • Determine the degree of flexibility and responsiveness
  • Demonstrate your team´s capacity to adapt