Strategic Decision Facilitation (SDF) − Organisational Development

What is SDF?
The success of most projects depends on a blend of technical, personal & conceptual skills. SDF is a process with the potential to address project needs on any or all of the following levels:
  • Individual needs − especially if they are either conceptual or interpersonal
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Team Building

  • We offer you a 4 step system. You decide at which stage you would like to halt the process and the extent of our involvement.

    • An initial discussion to:
      • 1) help you more thoroughly understand the process &
      • 2) give us a better understanding of your particular needs
  • Current state analysis (where necessary, a market and competitor analysis)
  • Measuring your organisation´s levels of resilience
  • The identification of issues that may be affecting the organisation´s capacity to change
  • An active phase lasting several days. Choose a nearby environment or think about getting away on a yacht somewhere warm and distant
  • Develop strategies specific to your particular needs and plan their implementation
  • A supportive follow−up phase
  • allowing for fine tuning and the assessment of progress
  • *time spent of this stage of the project will not be charged for unless the project is discontinued immediately after Step 1 is completed